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A Historical Argument Against the Separation of Church and State: The Christian Heritage of the United States, and It's Woeful Destiny as a Backslidden Nation
Can Christians Be Morally Perfect?
Convincing Reasons Homosexuals are Hellbound
Cowards or Accomplices in the Abortion Holocaust?
Does God Hate Sinners?
God's Plan for the Family: Corporal Punishment and the Training of Children 
God's Plan for the Family: Why Christians Should Homeschool Their Children 
Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged
Jury Nullification: The Power of the Juror To Veto Tyrannical Law
Michigan Court Rules Fetus Defensible with Force
Open Letter to Pro-Lifers Re: Lethal Defensive Force to Save Lives 
Partial Birth Abortion Ban is a Farce
Proofs for the Existence of God
Rebuttal of Bush's War on Iraq By Constitutionalist and Conservative Christian
States Should Outlaw Abortion, Consider Secession
The Line in the Sand; Siding With God to Abolish Abortion
The Right Remedy for Conservatives
The Right Remedy for Dying Kids in Daycare 
The Right Remedy for Education
The Right Remedy for Homophobia
The Right Remedy for Impotent GOP Gerrymanderers 
The Right Remedy for Judicial Tyranny 
The Right Remedy for Judicial Tyranny - Pt.2 
The Right Remedy for Murder: Death 
The Right Remedy for Ohio's Medical Malpractice Crisis 
The Right Remedy for Religious Extremist Judges 
The Right Remedy for RU486 Users 
The Right Remedy for Terry Schiavo 
The Right Remedy for Unloving Sex
The Right Remedy on Partial Birth Abortion 
The Truth About the Mohammedian Faith (Islam)
Theonomy, the Only Biblical Government 
Violence Breaks Out at Columbus Gay Pride Events, June 2003
Violence in the Heavenlies at ACOG Conference, April 2003
What the Bible Says Should Be Done to Abortionists
Why Ohio Should Pass the Defense of Marriage Act 


Biblical Evangelism - Laying an Axe to the Root of Contemporary Humanistic Evangelism
Mortifying the Doctrine of Original Sin
Refuting Popular Pseudo-Biblical Excuses for Sin
The Myth of Relative Morality

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