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Dr. Patrick Johnston graduated from the Florida State University in 1993 and from the osteopathic medical school of Nova Southeastern University in 1998.  He knew the Lord from a child, but as is all too common, left the grace of God for the pleasures of sin as a youth.  He first came into contact with confrontational evangelism (see “Biblical Evangelism” booklet) in 1989 as a freshman steeped in hypocrisy at the Florida State University.  An evangelist named “Brother Jed” came to campus and had a crowd of approximately 100 students when Patrick walked to the front and rebuked the preacher of righteousness for his condemnation of the students in their sins.  The preacher patiently refuted Patrick’s accusations and Patrick was thoroughly humbled by the man's knowledge of Scripture and his holy boldness.  Within a month, Patrick repented of his sins, and within a year, he was preaching the everlasting Gospel from the same spot on the campus of FSU!  Patrick has preached on dozens of universities and on the streets regularly since then.  

Dr. Johnston practices family medicine in Zanesville, Ohio.  He is dedicated to speaking out for righteousness in the community through his weekly f.m. radio program and articles, specifically condemning abortion, physician-assisted suicide, and the “safe sex” ideology.  Dr. Johnston also speaks in public schools on topics such as abstinence from sex until marriage and he ministers in front of abortion clinics in Columbus, Ohio.  He is a student of the moral government theology and the writings of evangelist Charles Finney.  He is also a gun enthusiast and second amendment activist, Vice Chairman of the Constitutional Party of Ohio, a member of the Christian Medical Association, and he enjoys hunting, fishing, spending time with his ever-growing family.  He has authored many tracts and booklets, some of which are available on-line.  His first fiction novel will be coming out soon, entitled The American Revolution of 2012.

Elizabeth grew up as a Baptist hypocrite in a small town in Georgia.  She met Patrick while at Florida State University where they attended the same church, led worship together, and both volunteered for a local church publication.  Elizabeth was tremendously influenced and convicted of her religious hypocrisy while editing Patrick’s first book, The Javelin of Phinehas.  It was at about this time that Patrick and Elizabeth began to see that they had very similar beliefs, standards, and aspirations in life, and they began to court.  Elizabeth was very skeptical of open-air preaching at the onset, but was easily persuaded in favor of it as she began to read the Bible more.  Soon, she was preaching weekly on her campus of Florida State University while Patrick completed medical school in South Florida.  Patrick and Elizabeth joined in holy matrimony in November of 1997.  Elizabeth is a humble homemaker and mother of three children and, as of June 2003, she bears their fourth.  She intends to educate her children in the home and spare them the atheistic education and immoral influences of the government schools in the tender years of their lives.  Patrick and Elizabeth want a house full of children, as many blessings as the Lord sees fit to bestow upon them (Psalm 127-128). 


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